Oh and three: A look at the Division 15 winter season so far


EDMONTON — The Baltimore Orioles had started their 1988 season with 11 straight losses when local radio deejay Bob Rivers took to the airwaves of WIYY, pledging to stay there until his beloved baseball team won its first game.

He figured he might be there for one or two days at the most. The baseball season is an everyday grind and even the bad teams have their good days every now and then.

Who would have known the Orioles would go on to lose their next 10 on their way to the sixth longest losing streak in the history of major league baseball.

Rivers spent a total of 258 straight hours on air. He napped while the music played, but the lack of sleep took its toll. Living off a diet of junk food, his blood pressure rose to the point nurses needed to be brought in to make sure he didn’t die.

Your Puckaneers are a ways from the dumpster fire that was the 1988 Os, but it’s been a tough slog for your boys and girl early on in the 2018 winter season.

PHC is off to an 0-3 start with losses of 7-1, 7-2 and 5-3. The losing streak sits at five if you go back to summer playoffs.

Offence has obviously been an issue. PHC has only scored six goals so far this season, three fewer than any other team. Defence has also been a problem. The Buccos have allowed 19 goals in three games, four more than any other team. That’s a goal differential of -13, eight goals worse than any of the other teams.

It’s been a strange season so far in Division 15.

Code Blue and Revolution Fong are both 3-0, but with goal differentials of only +6 and +10 respectively. Desert Dawgs ran PHC out of the rink a few weeks ago, but are only 1-2 on the year and have the second worst goal differential in the division. PHC could have beat Code Blue had it not been for a third period collapse.

The league has responded by putting out the next batch of schedule without any realignment. PHC has one last game at Northlands (more on that later).

The Puckaneers will try to get into the win column Saturday night against Spartan Army, the team the PHC eliminated in Round 1 of summer playoffs.

The 1988 Orioles finally snapped their losing streak with a 9-0 win against the Chicago White Sox.

Pitcher Mark Williamson held Chicago to three hits over six innings. Future hall of famers Eddie Murray and Cal Ripken Jr. each had a home run.

Rivers popped the cork on a bottle of champagne and screamed “I’m going home” as the Who’s I’m Free played in the background. He then slept for 24 hours.

The Os finished the season 54-107, 26 games below .500.

Like I said, even the bad teams can have a good day every now and then.

See you Saturday!