Code Blue at Tipton: PHC and another third period collapse

TIPTON ARENA — The two-goal lead is often said to be the most dangerous lead in hockey. It even has its own Wikipedia page. 

But is it?

Patten Fuqua, managing editor at, did some interesting work on this issue back in 2011. That’s six years ago, but I can’t image things have changed too much.

Of the 463 two-goal leads Fuqaua looked at in the 2010-2011 season, only 183 were surrendered — just under 40 per cent. That compared to one-goal leads that were surrendered almost 86 per cent of the time. That doesn’t necessarily mean the games were lost by the team that gave up the lead — only that at one point, the team held a margin of either one or two goals and the other team was able to get the score back even.

You can take a look at Fuqaua’s full analysis here.

Your Puckaneers carried one of those not-so-dreaded two-goal leads into the third period against Code Blue on Wednesday night.

Things were looking good for your Buccos, who had last winter’s defending champions against the ropes 3-1, with only 15 minutes left to plays.

But as has happened so often in past, the wheels came off and PHC pulled defeat from the jaws of victory — make the final 5-3.

Miranda pulled some numbers on the Puckaneers performance in the third period so far this season and they aren’t pretty.

PHC has allowed 19 goals in its three games so far this season. Of those, 13 have come in the third period. That’s good for a -12 goal differential in the final frame.


Looking ahead, PHC has a couple of games against familiar foes — Spartan Army and Teal Team Six.

Puckanneers have enjoyed success against both teams in the past, including a first-round playoff series win against Spartans in summer league.

One thing is certain though, heading into those match-ups. PHC isn’t going to have any success if it can’t start tightening up its play when it matters most.

Puckaneers are back on the ice Sept. 30 against Spartans.

We’ll see you there!