Scouting the Opposition Game 2: Wuddup Dawgs!

EDMONTON — Make a simple typo when searching for information on our new rivals the Desert Dawgs and you launch yourself into a world of post-main-course culinary delight.

Yes Puckaneers Nation, dessert dawgs are a thing, and they are glorious.

There’s the banana in a bun:

There’s the churro in an eclair:

And, my favorite, the Tootsie Roll in a Twinkie:

Gross desserts aside, your Puckaneers will try to bounce back from last week’s loss with a game against the Desert Dawgs Sunday night at The Meadows.

The Dwags come to the CCRHL from the NCHL, making it tough to tell where they rate. They played last winter season in Division 13 and they played summer season in Tier IV Division A. Put simply, the Dawgs played in the middle of the pack in NCHL. If past experience is a guide, middle-of-the-pack teams in the N usually fall to the bottom divisions when they transfer over to the Double C.

The Dawgs finished 7-7-1 in NCHL summer league with 56 goals for and 71 goals against. Here is a look at their numbers:

There are some significant differences between their summer NCHL roster (left below) and their roster entered with CCRHL for this winter season (right below). The players not on their winter roster had 26 goals and 49 points in summer. That’s a significant chunk of their 125 total summer points.

But, that might not tell the whole story. The Dawgs have a Jared Turcotte on their winter roster. He didn’t play in the summer, but he did play for the Dawgs last winter. Take a look at his line:

Those 44 points (2.20 points per game) make the differences between the NCHL summer and CCRHL winter rosters almost a wash, at least as far as points go.

The Dawgs have already played one game in the CCRHL this season — a 4-1 loss to Code Blue. Code Blue was the winner of the bottom division in CCRHL last winter.

What does this all mean? The Desert Dawgs should be beatable, but it’s hard to know going into the game.

Here’s hoping PHC can send them away from the table without any dessert.

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See you Sunday!