Scouting the Opposition Week 1: Nice Beaver!

EDMONTON — Whenever Raging Beavers come up on the schedule, I can’t help but think of probably the best beaver joke ever written.

It was in The Naked Gun.

Priscilla Presley, in a short red dress, is looking for a book on a high shelf. She climbs a ladder up out of the shot. The late, great Leslie Nielsen — Regina’s own Leslie Nielsen — is holding the ladder and looks up.

“Nice beaver,” he says slyly in the way only Det. Frank Drebin can.

“Thank you,” Presley responds, still out of the shot. “I just had it stuffed.”

She proceeds to hand down a giant taxidermied beaver, which Nielsen takes in hand.

It’s pure deadpan comedy gold! See for yourself:

The Puckaneers kick off their winter season against the Raging Beavers on Sunday night at The Meadows.

It’s a team your Buccos have never enjoyed much success against.

PHC is 1-6-0 against the Beavers all time and has been outscored 46-22. The last game the two teams played was a 7-1 victory by the Beavers in summer league. Here is the box score:

The Beavers were moved up to a higher division after that victory and they only won three games against the better teams. But I think it is fair to say that PHC wouldn’t have won any games in the higher division.

And the unfortunate part for your boys and girl is that the Beavers’ core roster has not changed much between summer and winter, at least according to the players who have already registered on the CCRHL’s new website (by the way, if you are a Puckaneer who hasn’t signed up yet, go do it NOW!). Here is a look at the side-by-side comparison between the two seasons (summer stats left, winter roster right):

It is worth noting that the Beaver who had two goals and four points in the 7-1 victory over PHC is not yet on the winter roster.

So, I guess we’ll see how it goes Sunday night. The Beavers have been beaten before. Let’s hope PHC doesn’t get stuffed!

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See you Sunday!